iREM is an alternative in cancer treatment –
but no alternative cancer treatment.

In the course of many years of intensive research, Dr. Öz succeeded in transforming malignant tumor cells into benign ones, in the sense of re-education. This step could be pioneering in the treatment of cancer, as benign tumors may restrict the patient's body functions, but usually do not lead to death, as is often the case with cancer.

This method of re-education was named iREM , i.e. immunological Re-Education of Malignancy.

In the iREM method, tumor material is taken from the patient surgically. After cultivation under laboratory conditions, the tumor cells get manipulated in a way that the immune system recognizes them as apostate.

The next step is therapeutically significant in the sense that the immune system becomes “sensitized”: The immune cells of the patient are made familiar with the modified tumor cells –a kind of immunological "sniffing" , a sort of "approaching to each other" takes place. In this phase, the immune system detects the defectiveness of the tumor cell and initiates a transformation process.

In contrast to other approaches that focus on the destruction of tumor cells (e.g. chemotherapy, dendritic cell therapy or the so-called tumor antibodies of the alternative medicine scene, etc.), iREM focusses on bringing about the natural death of the tumor cells.

These specially trained leukocytes are then transferred back to the patient and immediately begin with their educational work in the patient’s body. The sensitization described shows no detrimental side-effects and is likely to remain active for life.